TACT-PC Interface


How to use PC as an external storage device for TACT Controller


  • Save and upload molding conditions
  • Save monitor data (shot data) in a comma-delimited file
  • Save event data (not available for earlier TACT Controller)
  • Save screen shot (BMP or JPEG)



  • "Microsoft Network Server: Digitally sign communications (Always)" under "Domain Controller Security Policy (or Local Security Policy for a PC)" needs to be disabled in order to communicate with TACT controller.  Please note that by disabling this, your server cannot prevent man-in-the-middle attacks that modifies SMB packets in transit.
  • Earlier TACT Controllers may need program modification in order to communicate with Windows Vista or later operation systems due to the change in SMB protocol.  Please contact us for more details.
  • Please do not use wireless LAN since it is prone to interference, noise, and other environment factors, especially being in a factory environment.

Setting up PC and TACT Controller


First, connect TACT controller and PC via Ethernet cable.  Please do not use wireless LAN.

Ethernet port of a TACT controller can be found on the motherboard in the cabinet.

Please make sure that the Ethernet cable does not touch the high-voltage power cable of the machine (separate

them more than 1~2ft).


Assigning IP address to a TACT controller

  1. Reserve a static IP address for a machine.
  2. Before entering the IP address in TACT controller, make sure there is no IP conflict within the network.
  3. Turn on the operating power of the TACT controller.
  4. Tap "NETWORK" button on "SUPPORT" screen for TACT I~III.  For TACT IV Controller, it is on "MAINT" screen.
  5. Enter an assigned IP address and subnet mask under "MANUAL" and tap "APPLY."
  6. Ping the TACT controller's IP address from a PC to check connectivity.


Creating a shared folder

  1. Create a shared folder in your PC.
  2. Make sure your account has a write/read permission to the folder.
  3. Take a note of the following information from your PC.
    - Computer name
    - IP address
    - Name of the shared folder
    - Account name of your PC
    - Password of the account


Entering your PC information into a TACT controller

  1. For TACT I~III controller, go to "SUPPORT" screen.
    For TACT IV, go to "MAINT" screen.
  2. Switch "OUTSIDE MEDIA" to "NETWORK."
  3. Tap "Windows SMB" button.
  4. Enter the following information:
    - COMPUTER NAME: your PC's computer name
    - IP ADDRESS: your PC's IP address
    - SHARE NAME: name of the shared folder
    - USER ID: your user account name for the PC or server
    - USER PASSWORD: your password of the user account for the PC or server
  5. Tap "CONNECT"
    If a red cross on the drive icon disappears, the connection has been established.



  • To send a screen shot, tap the printer icon on the upper left corner of the screen, select the file type, and tap "YES."
  • To send monitor data, turn "MONITOR DATA OUTPUT" on.  It is on the "SUPPORT" screen for TACT I~III and on "PROCESS" screen for TACT IV.
  • To save molding condition, go to "MLD DATA" screen for TACT I~III and "FILE" screen for TACT IV.

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