In response to many requests from our customers, Nissei America, Inc. established NISSEI SCHOOL in 1987.

During the last thirty years of its operation, over 5,500 people have completed this training course.

NISSEI SCHOOL utilizes the latest model machines with a modern microprocessor-based controllers in the class.

We are confident that through the lecture and hands-on training, participants will become proficient in operating the injection molding machines as well as producing better quality products.

Those who graduated from NISSEI school are playing an active role in the industry.

Four locations (Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey, and Texas) are available in the United States.

NISSEI SCHOOL to be opened in Texas!


Date: 3/26/2019~3/28/2019

Location: Texas Service Center

Address: 3730 Lyster Road

San Antonio, TX 78235


For more information, call (210)702-3525 or email


More dates to be announced soon!

Nissei Plastic Machinery America (Texas Plant) and Nissei Texas Service Center

Course Descriptions


First Day's Agenda

- Nissei company profile

- The molding machine: general descriptions

- Exploring the actual machine

- Manual operation procedures, including mold setup

- Procedure for automatic operation


Second Day's Agenda

- Details of the electronic controller

- Optimizing the molding conditions

- Controlling the injection process

- Statistical quality control

- Starting the machine and molding operation


Third Day's Agenda

- Hydraulic components and circuits

- Electrical diagrams

- Diagnostic functions and troubleshooting

- Maintenance and inspection

- Presentation of Completion Certificates

Hours & Fee


HOURS: 9:00am to 4:30pm (Lunch 12 noon to 1PM)


FEE: $250.00 per person (including textbooks and lunch)


INSTRUCTORS: Engineering staff from Nissei America



Registration Forms:

After confirming the availability (please call or email the location of your choice), please fill out and send us the registration form.



Los Angeles

1480 N. Hancock Street

Anaheim, CA 92807

Phone: 714-693-3000

Fax: 714-693-7777

Size: 12 persons/course



721 Landmeier Road

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Phone: 847-228-5000

Fax: 847-228-6700

Size: 11 persons/course


New Jersey

1085 Cranbury South River Road Suite 7

Jamesburg, NJ 08831

Phone: 732-271-4885

Fax: 732-271-1088

Size: 12 persons/course



3730 Lyster Road

San Antonio, TX 78235

Phone: 210-702-3525

2019 Schedules

 Los Angeles


New Jersey



15-17 (Tu-Th)

8-10 (Tu-Th)


12-14 (Tu-Th)

12-14 (Tu-Th)

19-21 (Tu-Th)


12-14 (Tu-Th)

19-21 (Tu-Th)

26-28 (Tu-Th)


9-11 (Tu-Th)

9-11 (Tu-Th)

16-18 (Tu-Th)


14-16 (Tu-Th)

21-23 (Tu-Th)


4-6 (Tu-Th)

11-13 (Tu-Th)

18-20 (Tu-Th)


16-18 (Tu-Th)

23-25 (Tu-Th)


13-15 (Tu-Th)

13-15 (Tu-Th)

20-22 (Tu-Th)


17-19 (Tu-Th)

10-12 (Tu-Th)


22-24 (Tu-Th)

15-17 (Tu-Th)

22-24 (Tu-Th)


12-14 (Tu-Th)

12-14 (Tu-Th)


3-5 (Tu-Th)

10-12 (Tu-Th)

10-12 (Tu-Th)

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