Environment Policy & Effort


Environmental philosophy

We make every effort to save energy and resources, prevent pollutions, and implement eco-friendly measures actively to work in harmony with Nature.



Environmental Policies

We identify how development, design, production, sales of injection molding machines and its related peripherals as well as our products and service will affect our environment. As a group, we will make every effort to reduce environmental load from local to global levels in order to live in harmony with Nature.


  1. In order to live up to our environmental philosophy, we implemented an environment management system. We engage in activities to take our eco-friendly measures further and continuously review its effectiveness of the system.
  2. We aim to execute the system effectively in order to achieve the environmental protection goals we have set.
  3. We aim to reduce environmental load by effectively recycling and saving resources and time required for plastic processing.
  4. We reduce environment pollutants and prevent pollutions.
  5. We comply with the environment-related laws, regulations, and agreements.
  6. We create and provide environment-friendly products
  7. We contribute to local communities. If it is requested, we share our information.

NISSEI's effort to reduce environmental load


Active use of renewable energy (promote solar power)

October 2015, NISSEI America Headquarters in Anaheim, California installed 246 solar panels on the roof, which generate 125,500kwh of electricity annually.





Developing energy-efficient type injection molding machines

ISO9001 Certified

ISO14001 Certified

Nissei America Headquarters in Anaheim, CA (click photo to enlarge)

AC Servomotor driven electric type injection molding machine

Hybrid pump equipped hybrid type injection molding machine

Reducing molding material loss, inventing energy-saving molding method, and establishing recycling technologies

We propose a low-pressure molding system that reduces molding defects and a recycle molding system that uses re-pelletized materials.



Developing clean material injection molding technologies (bioplastics, wood plastic, paper plastic, pulp, etc.) and molding systems

Clean material specification N-PLAjet molding system

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