We offer preventive maintenance plans in addition to our quick-responding repair services.

We strive to provide excellent service and quality care  with a customer-centric approach.

Performance Restoration Plan

Reducing performance gap between the same machine types

For the performance restoration plan, an experienced staff uses a special instrument to measure each machine' s performance in numerical values.


The results will be compared with the reference values. If something deviates from its standard value, it will be adjusted. This can reduce the performance gap between the same machine types. After restoration, an inspection report for each machine will be issued.

Description of service


  • Check injection load cell resistance
  • Check Injection stroke time
  • Check and adjust tie bar balance
  • Calibrate nozzle and barrel temperatures


  • Check and adjust pump flow linearity
  • Check and adjust pump pressure linearity
  • Calibrate nozzle and barrel temperatures

Maintenance & Inspection Plan

Cleaning, inspection, adjustment, greasing, and prevention of sudden failure

For the maintenance & inspection plan, preventive maintenance, such as inspecting electrical components and safety devices, will be performed

according to a NISSEI checklist; parts that need to be replaced will be identified in order to minimize the risk of unexpected failures.


Some components inside of the machine are difficult to see, and inspecting certain components requires special instruments and knowledge. Small issues can go unnoticed when normally operating a machine. NISSEI recommends a scheduled maintenance & inspection plan in order to detect minor issues before turning into major problems. After maintenance and inspection, a checklist with recommended replacement parts and its quotation for labor will be sent to the clients.

Description of service

ALL TYPES (Electric, Hydraulic, and Hybrid)

  • Check electrical components
  • Check looseness and rattling of mechanical components
  • Check safety devices


  • Inspect toothed belt, check tension, and adjust
  • Feed grease to support bearing


  • Clean micro separator
  • Check and clean suction filter
  • Check hydraulic oil condition
  • Check hydraulic oil leaks

Choosing a Plan

Executing a performance restoration plan, maintenance & inspection plan, and common option ① (remove and clean grease for electric type) annually is highly effective for preventing failures.

Please feel free to contact NISSEI to select a plan that suits your needs.

Recommended maintenance schedule

10th year

9th year

8th year

7th year

6th year

5th year

4th year

3rd year

2nd year

1st year


Performance restoration

Maintenance & inspection

① ⑦

① ④

① ⑤ ⑥

① ④ ⑧

① ⑦

① ⑤ ⑥

① ④

Common options

  • Please contact NISSEI if you need a maintenance plan for the machines that have been used for more than 10 years.
  • *For OP 1~8, please refer to the option list below.

Option list




Option type




Remove and clean grease

Not avail

Not avail

Not avail

Calibrate injection load cell (Japan only)


Clean oil leak and reservoir

Replace cooling fan

Replace magnetic contactor



Replace toothed belt

Replace lithium battery


Replace rubber hose

Built your own plan

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